Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. was established in the early 1960's and today remains a thriving nameplate and label manufacturing business specializing in short run product identification. Located in Grandview, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, we own and operate within a 10,000 sq. ft. facility.

It continues to be my priority to satisfy short run orders without charging huge up front costs. My other priority is to extend exceptional, personalized service so we can create efficient partnerships with our customers. Labels are frequently the last item to be purchased. By offering rush services, there is rarely a need we can't meet. I have a great staff who understands that a label may be just a label, but if a customer's product can't ship without it, then that label becomes a vital part of their final product.

With the introduction of digital imaging technology and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, we have several environmentally safe processes that we use to manufacture labels. We continue to produce labels in aluminum, vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, and other non-metal substrates. In this digital age, the need for customization with serialization, barcoding, and color is also in demand. We meet these needs in the most cost effective manner with state-of-the-art digital equipment. Customers who need short runs of nameplates cut to a unique shape can count on us to provide this service without any tooling charge.

Today, Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. continues to satisfy customers, large and small, in industries ranging from aerospace to construction. We have a proven track record. Our customers know we are the place to go for short runs and quick turn-around. We have chosen to remain a small business. That choice has allowed us to perfect systems, software and production processes in order to keep costs low and quality sky high.

I can count on one hand the number of rejected orders we have had in the last 25 years! Who can say that these days?! (I have to brag when I know everyone is looking for dependable and reputable sources!). The bad news is we don't do everything when it comes to labeling. If you request something we don't manufacture, we will suggest an alternative that we think will meet your needs. If we can't, we promise to let you know right away. I would rather do less and do it really well!

Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. production manager, Andrew Ortbals, says of his 25 years with the company, "I've never before worked with a company more conscientious about quality and shipping perfect custom nameplates every time. Our systems run very efficiently here allowing all of us to do our job effectively."

I give so much credit for exceptional customer service to my office manager, Bobi Blaine. When asked why she feels customers keep coming back to Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. for labels, Bobi states, "I try and get to know our buyers so they feel totally comfortable and confident when placing their orders. Once they place their order, they know they can move on to other tasks without concern."

I welcome you to Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. We are honest, technically astute, and dependable. Our mission:

When you place an order, you will know the order will ship on time and will arrive on your dock in perfect condition.

When you request a quote, you can be sure you know in writing exactly what we are recommending.

When you need a short run, you won't have to order more than you need to get a good price.

When your company requires certain documents to be included with your shipment, you can count on them being there.

When you need guidance, samples or general assistance, we consider it our pleasure to assist you.

When you need an order in a hurry, if it's physically possible (and it usually is), we will meet your deadline!

We can't wait to help you out! Please contact us!

Susan Willens