"We have been doing business with Photo-Graphics Co. for many years and have always received exceptional service from them, both on product and delivery. They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always willing to go the extra mile to support our needs with a high level of quality."
Laurie Ginn, Senior Buyer,
B/E Aerospace, Inc.

Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. has one quality goal:


Our rejection rate over decades of doing business is less than 1%. Specializing in the shipment of hundreds of small, custom manufactured label orders, we have developed a simple but effective quality system to PREVENT errors. We have received numerous Supplier Excellence Awards because in addition to offering high quality products, we can be counted on for exceptional customer service.

Here are a few FAQ'S:

How do you insure my nameplates or labels will be correct and free of flaws?

  • We have a thorough procedure for purchase order review and a multiple point inspection process from artwork through manufacturing. All orders go through a final inspection before shipping to insure compliance.

Do you have a quality certification?

  • As a small company specializing in small orders, we have designed a quality program based on sound principles that allow us to operate effectively without incurring unnecessary costs. We have been approved by various aerospace companies as compliant with standards based on ISO9001.

Can you provide certificates of conformance or first article reports?

  • We can provide any paperwork you require. Just let us know your requirements when you request a quotation.

How will I know if you are quoting exactly to our specifications?

  • We will ALWAYS note any variances, issues, recommendations and options clearly on our written quotations.

If I order 1000 labels, will the quality remain consistent throughout the lot?

  • Absolutely! Photo-sensitive anodized aluminum plates are unmatched in quality by any other nameplate process. No inks or paints are used to produce the image so you will not see flaws or differences between plates as you may with screen printed plates, for example. Our state-of-the-art printing processes for non-metal labels are digital resulting in consistent quality each and every time you order!

How do you protect my order in transit?

  • What good is a perfectly produced label if it doesn’t arrive in perfect condition at your destination? We know how to package our nameplates and labels from years of experience. We are confident that if UPS or FedEx tosses the package like a football, your labels will be safe and sound.

What if I have a problem with my order?

  • Contact us immediately! Personalized service is what you can and should expect and that is what you will receive from Photo-Graphics Co., Inc!